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Returning to World of Warcraft

Well, it was only a matter of time.

Last night I gave in: I bought the latest World of Warcraft expansion “Battle for Azeroth” as well as play time. I haven’t played in a long time.

When I get back into World of Warcraft after a long time, not only do I have to spend time rereading all my spells, as they have more than likely changed, but I need to check out all the new spells I need to deal with. I also have to update addons and fix up my bars. This is all a bit chunk of playtime itself.

I logged in to find my level 100 Priest in Hellfire Peninsula. Of course I would end it here!

Naturally, my Draenei Priest was left in Hellfire Peninsula. It’s tradition at this point for me to make one last visit before ditching my subscription and stopping for a while.

High Mountain

Draenei Priest flying to High Mountain.

After sorting everything out, I caught up on some questing in High Mountain. I haven’t finished the “Legion” expansion quite yet.

Flying and leaving my evil little purple shadow puffs in my wake. Fear me.

I am very far behind (relative to my friends and other players) as I haven’t played in a long time. I like to take my time questing to read all the details, so it might be a game of catch-up. That’s one thing I dislike about WoW. I always feels like I need to be catching up to other people or some obscure goal or end game, etc. I need to just get used to playing for the sake of experiencing the world itself and having fun. Why make it stressful?

High Mountain under Legion assault. These bring world quest objectives for players in a zone to complete.

High Mountain is really well done and a fun zone to quest in. It was under a Legion assault when I arrived so I tried to get as many of the world tasks completed as possible — though I tend to get distracted. There are so many other interesting quests (and screenshots to take).

High Mountain

Once the assault was over, High Mountain went back to being its regular Northwest-looking self.

High Mountain

Moving on to the new Expansion

I decided to move on to my Night Elf Druid to check out the new zones.

I’m so sad knowing that Teldrassil has burned, and even more sad that I didn’t start playing earlier in order to do that quest line.

I started with the Siege of Lordaeron. Lordaeron belonged to the humans/Alliance before becoming the Undead’s hub and ruled by Sylvanas Windrunner.

So, Sylvanas is using bioweapons and resorting to cheap antics to win? I’m sooo shocked.

It was a pretty epic introduction; it really felt like an all out war as everywhere you looked, there was tons of action going on. Of course, Sylvanas has gone…mad. In my opinion, she died back when she became the Banshee Queen, but let’s not even go there. That’s a separate post! Now it definitely seems she has been under the influence of an Old God. Oh, Sylvanas. I can’t wait until we get to say goodbye to you.

Boralus, Kul Tiras

Me, a sparkling Druid, taking in this quaint Human city.

Boralus on the island of Kul Tiras is the new hub for the Alliance. This city is amazing! It’s so detailed and intricate, and it’s huge. It’s basically an upgraded Stormwind. Feeling like something out of an 18th century English novel, it has a lot of character. It’s a bustling, lively and subtly dangerous city, with many twists and turns.

Have a seat, pull up a chair, etc.

After exploring the main city, the first order of business became Drustvar, which is the perfect place to be this month. Curses, witches, idols…the whole spoopy shebang. That’ll be the next post!

Feel free to add me on Battle.Net: Artorias#12814

If anyone wants a free trial code to World of Warcraftlet me know. I have lots lying around to give away!

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  1. Welcome back, Susan 🙂 I hope you’ll have a great time, which it certainly looks as if you have!

    I hear you on that; it’s a challenge with an online game, i think; You can’t “pause” it and “everyone else” is so far ahead. The trick is to wear blinkers and just do your own thing 🙂

    I wonder if Drustvar will look different once Hallows End is here!

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