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Questing in Drustvar & Suramar | Adventures in WoW

Shopping before heading off into the wild. Obviously need jewelry for the woods.


Drustvar, Kul Tiras is one of the eeriest WoW zones so far. It feels like there is something dark lurking everywhere, and this does seem to actually be the case.


Questing in north east Drustvar by the water (Carver’s Harbor, I believe) paints a picture of every seafaring story I’ve read and watched. You can just sense the dampness, salt and disease.

You can also probably smell him.


After this I decided to head to Suramar on my sister’s Horde character, a Blood Elf Paladin, to get closer to unlocking the allied race Nightborne.

Suramar City is beautiful but challenging

Side note: Paladins are so powerful. I hardly press two buttons before a whole mob is down. I should make my own…

My sister is extremely organized, and actually had detailed notes outlining how far she had gotten with the achievement and what steps were needed to finish. So, sticking to her notes, I went through the very pretty and very painful Suramar City.

Suramar City

Suramar City is challenging, but I don’t find it to be a tedious challenge, at least not all the time. You have to try and be as sneaky as possible as its extremely easy to be detected by the guards, who have a ridiculous range on their sensors.

Suramar City, where the elves have become Burning Legion pawns.

Completing this achievement is going to take time and dedication, and of course, I make it far more difficult on myself by spending all my time taking screenshots.

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