Update: Blog Hiatus

I haven’t published any posts in a while. I’ve still been reading blogs, tweeting, and writing drafts. But I haven’t had the energy or desire to perfect and publish them (yet). I’ve needed to just focus on me and my mental health, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

As I’ve been so focused on other aspects of my life, I don’t feel pressure to consistently post here. I used to get anxious about churning out posts consistently, but it’s like…why feel anxious about that? Why worry about it? This is supposed to be fun, right? This blog is a hobby, and will be treated as such!

I will definitely get back to publishing soon. Like I said, I’ve been writing and drafting. I have a lot to talk about and so many ideas for posts (including some DIY stuff I’ve been working on…). The thing is that at the start of this year, I pretty much started to deal with some personal life / mental health stuff that I should have honestly dealt with a long time ago! As such, I’ve been preoccupied ever since.

I’ve also been doing A LOT of reading, which feels great. I’ve always been a reader, but it really slowed down over the past few years. I’m reading again like the 6th grader I was.

Also, something I did last night: I purged my bathroom of any and all shady hair products after researching their ingredients further and looking into the app ‘Think Dirty‘. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to take care of my hair better. But that’s a topic for a full-on post.


Back soon.

Thanks for reading ❤

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