No Spend November

So I’ve recently discovered Poshmark and the ease with which you can sell your used clothing and accessories on there. It’s a good way to clear space and make some cash.

Once I started posting, I couldn’t stop! Then I even got my mom and sister on board. So I’ve been busy with actual work, and Poshmark the past few days. I’ve made 4 sales so far! Yay!

The rest of November is going to be a strict No-Spend November and I will be focusing on saving, paying off debts, and selling my own things on Poshmark. I’ve even cancelled my BoxyCharm subscription; as amazing as it was (and I will be resubscribing in the future), this is the best decision for me right now while I get some things on track!

But oooh my goodness, once I have the means to do so, I’m going to go nuts on the vintage items on Poshmark. There are some incredible old pieces for dirt cheap like this adorable gem. I love a good vintage, grandpa/grandma sweater. Best thing for the fall.

You can visit my Poshmark here and please feel free to link to yours!

Thanks for reading ❤

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3 thoughts on “No Spend November

  1. Gah I love Poshmark! I pretty much do all of my clothes shopping on there now. It’s so much more affordable, plus it’s nice to not be contributing to consumerism and such. I don’t remember my password offhand to be able to log in online XD But my username is mjones12516!

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