BoxyCharm October 2019 #BoxyAfterDark: My First Beauty Box

Much as I hate their name, I subscribed to BoxyCharm in September because, after all my research, they seemed to be the best choice for me.

They offer 5 full size skincare + beauty products each month for roughly $20 USD a month, give or take a little depending on your chosen plan.

Paying for 1 month at a time is $21 USD / $27 CAD + ~$6 CAD shipping)

Expectations? Only lead to disappointment

The first thing you do on their website is take a fairly long beauty quiz asking you your preferences for products you’d want to receive, your style, etc.

Great! They’re asking for my preferences so they know how to customize my box! Sweet!


I’ve since found out that, apparently, BoxyCharm doesn’t use the quiz.

Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when I first opened my box.

(apparently, for this coming November box, they will be taking your quiz answers into consideration, so I’m really looking forward to that)

However, I’m pretty impressed with this box — all the makeup is of excellent quality and will definitely be used.

This Month’s Box: October 2019 #AfterDark

I will be listing the products in my box in order of I don’t care to I actually like this.

Is anyone ever happy to get a “Mani Pedi” set? These are buffers to clean and exfoliate your hands and feet. To be honest, these sound pretty cool. Not quite my thing, but I’ll have fun with them. This is probably the least interesting thing in the set, along with the next piece.

Iconic London lip gloss + Hollywood N Vine liner

I use eyeliner regularly, so this will be used. But I mean, my first reaction was not a good one: it’s a $7 eyeliner from a brand I don’t know and can barely find anything about. Not too exciting at first.

But, I got over myself (and my mom was pretty stoked about the box and got me more excited too) and tested this out and was quite pleased! It’s incredibly soft and pigmented, easy to build up the color or play it down. It also doesn’t come off easily when in contact with water; it takes a good cleaning to get rid of. It’s huge and will last a long time.

I have actually always wanted to try this brand’s lip products, but I guess an eyeshadow palette will do. This shadow palette luckily matches my color taste! I’m also really pleasantly surprised by how buttery, soft, and pigmented this palette is. Gorgeous feel to it. I wish the packaging was better as there was plenty of product fall-out in the box.

Swatches from top to bottom: Outdoorsy, Cherry Wood, Rock Bottom, Deserted, Tealight (They’re out of order compared to the palette)

I don’t need anymore lip products whatsoever, but this lip gloss is great. I’ve pretty much only been wearing lip gloss lately, so it is a welcome addition. The shade is lovely and is buildable. It’s also not slippery and stays in place. Won’t last long if you’re eating or kissing people, though.

This is pretty much the best thing about the box. The packaging feels pretty cheap, and the lid hardly stays on, but sure. I’ll take it. It’s makeup and skincare in one!

I don’t really use hydrating mists or setting sprays, and this is supposed to work as both. It’s so beautifully shimmery, with the tiniest little bits of glitter, to add a glow to your face. I’m impressed with its staying power and how much of a highlight it gives your face. It’s soooooo preettty.

Final Result

Total retail value: $104 USD / $137 CAD

The makeup is great, but I’m overall…

Happy / Disappointed

I wanted more skincare, but the box was essentially all makeup.

I’m still waiting on my very late September BoxyLuxe box; that will be here hopefully next week. I ordered it in late September, so I suppose that’s why it’s taken so long.

If you’re thinking of subscribing to Boxy, use my referral link, or my referral code [Susan-HYZMSSCN] at checkout!

Let me know what you received in your variation of October’s box!

Thanks for reading ❤

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6 thoughts on “BoxyCharm October 2019 #BoxyAfterDark: My First Beauty Box

  1. How much does this box cost in Canadian dollars? Also, when you give the values, are you giving the American values or the Canadian ones? Asking because I think you’re in Vancouver aren’t you? So I’m just curious what the cost-value ratio is in Canadian dollars.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! That’s actually not too bad. I guess i hear so much of that super expensive Fab Fit Fun, I was expecting to be like 50 – 70 dollars Canadian.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yup, you’re paying roughly $33 CAD (includes shipping), unless you pre-pay for say 3 months, in which case it’s slightly discounted (not by much though).

        In my own budget, ~$30 for 5 full size products each other is fine and I’m quite happy with that. But of course, it’s also like playing the lottery a little.

        Fab Fit Fun is just…nah. Definitely not for me. Too much in there I’m not interested in.

        Liked by 1 person

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