5 Favorite Autumn Activities

1 – Watch Buzzfeed Unsolved

The ghoul (Ryan and Shane) boys are the most fun to watch during the fall. They are “ghost hunters” who do videos on true crime and the supernatural. Ryan is the believer and Shane is the skeptic, so this combination (and conflict) adds to the appeal.

This is the best eating show. Grab some pie, a hot drink, and put on an episode. Of course, the episodes always will end up “UNSOLVED” but they’re still hilarious to watch.

2 – Go to a pumpkin patch

Self-explanatory! I went this year with the intention of getting a few tiny pumpkins, but I left with a wheelbarrow full of them in all shapes and sizes.

3 – Decorate the house

My mom and I decorated the front door and the windows with Halloween lights and pumpkins!!

4 – Play Skyrim

One of my all-time favorite games happens to take place in a very cold, snowy land. The soundtrack is perfect for winter.

5 – Create a spooky playlist (or two)

I have two playlists of spooky-themed music — one is instrumentals, the other is regular songs.

Let me know what I missed 🙂

Thanks for reading ❤

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