Visiting Carmel-by-the-Sea | California Road Trip: Part 2

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In my last post, I ended on Monterey, but there is a lot more to and around this place.

As such, I wanted to dedicate a post solely to Carmel by the Sea, a little beach town, right by Monterey, that is full of cute shops and restaurants. Did you know that there are no street addresses in Carmel? Just adds to the small-town feel of it all.

Restaurant: Forge-in-the-Forest

I mentioned this atmospheric, whimsical place in my last post, but let’s go into more detail because despite how small this restaurant is, it was one of my favorite stops.

This is a restaurant with heated patio seating and fire pits, with beautiful surrounding greenery, all under the protective arms of sprawling trees. All-in-all, a serene location.

The food was delicious and hearty. We ordered the Reuben egg rolls with Russian dressing, the gnocchi, and salmon.

Restaurant: Village Corner California Bistro

Another sweet restaurant we stopped at was Village Corner.

Again, we were seated on the patio next to a beautiful, big fire pit.

Village Corner

The food was delicious, and I think I liked it even better than Forge-in-the-Forest. At the very least, my pasta at Village Corner is my pick over the gnocchi I had at Forge. But don’t get me wrong — they were both excellent meals.

Carmel Beach

Just a few minutes walk from the shops lies Carmel Beach! Being here was as soothing as that pasta was delicious.

As it was incredibly relaxing and fun to be at the beach, I didn’t bother taking my phone out. So…no pictures, unfortunately! BUT we did take some incredible shots of the water during the middle of our lengthy road-trip drive by the coast, so that’ll be in the next post! 🙂

Thanks for reading ❤

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