What fills you with determination?

I recently finished the game “Undertale” (as my boyfriend surprised me with a beautiful, bright yellow Nintendo Switch Lite!) and I really loved it. You play a human who has to escape the underground world of monsters (who happen to be not so monstrous).

There was one aspect of the game in particular that has stuck with me.

Every time the player reaches a save point and saves their progress, they see some variation of this message:

You are filled with determination.

The message changes based on your surroundings. For example, when you enter the main town and stop to save your progress, you see:

The sight of such a friendly town fills you with determination.

It’s not always happy sights that you fill you with determination, though. Often you will save before a risky area. One example:

A feeling of dread hangs over you… But you stay determined.

So, what gets you to keep going through this strange nightmare is your determination. And your determination can come from so many odd or seemingly trivial things.

And I realized how realistic that is.

Think about all of the little things, little moments, that inspire and push you to act.

So, I wanted to make a list of everyday things that fill me with determination:

  • Bright city lights
  • Beautiful art, and all the amazing artists out there right now creating beautiful things
  • Chemistry and all we have achieved and have yet to achieve through it
  • Great writing
  • Mountains, and the rest of the greenery and nature around me
  • Sunny days, when everything is saturated in color
  • Encouragement from loved ones and their belief in me
  • Learning about other people’s experiences and their overcoming of adversity
  • Knowing that I can learn pretty much anything I want, whenever I want

The difficulty is in taking hold of these things that inspire and move you — and make you determined — and acting. Moving forward. It’s so easy to let failure keep you static. It’s easy to forget all of these wonderful things. These fluid, shifting things.

What fills you with determination?

Thanks for reading ❤

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