Review: FOREO Luna Play Plus

UPDATED Oct 7: Coupon Code added.

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My skin type: Mostly normal to dry (eczema flare-ups); prone to acne.

Happy October!!! *insert leaves, pumpkin, candles*

While I was in LA, I visited Sephora at The Grove and was surprised to find that they actually were having a sale on some items?! This doesn’t really happen at the Sephora locations where I’m from so it was pretty exciting.

The FOREO Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush happened to be half price, and while I have always been extremely skeptical of electronic face products, I had been curious to try them.

So I took advantage of the sale, buying the last one which happened to be in my favorite shade of pink. Seemed like the ideal time to buy such a product and test it out.

As it turns out, the Luna Play Plus is my face’s long lost love or something. I can’t go a day or night without using this guy.


Foreo’s Luna Play Plus is made with silicone which means it is nonporous, so you don’t risk the build-up of bacteria and nasty stuff as you would with a face cleaner that has bristles. It is also waterproof and uses AAA batteries.

There is a button on the back which turns it on and releases vibrations. You apply cleanser to your face, wet the brush head, and begin gently going over your entire face. No pressure is required.

There are two types of the “Luna Play”, so be careful which one you get as they are very different. I have the Luna Play Plus. Here’s a comparison of the two:

FOREO LUNA Play ($49 CAD)FOREO LUNA Play Plus ($59 CAD)
– Original mini size (50 x 45 mm)
– Travel-friendly
– 100 uses
– Non-rechargeable (approx. 6 weeks of use only)
– Larger brush head (64 x 60 mm)
– Still travel-size / travel-friendly
– 400 uses
– Replaceable battery

Okay so, you could pay $49 to get a tiny face cleanser that cannot be recharged and doesn’t have replaceable batteries. It may or may not last you ~6 weeks / 100 uses.

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Or…pay an extra $10 to get a face cleanser that will last you longer than 6 weeks, is slightly larger and easier to hold, still travel-size, and has replaceable batteries. That’s a no-brainer to me.

In my humble opinion, I think paying nearly $50 for a non-rechargeable face cleansing tool is nonsense when it’s bigger, better sibling is available. Once the Luna Play is dead, it’s dead. Forget that. I’m not rich enough to play around like that.

I suppose you could justify the Luna Play for travel purposes only, but this is such a trivial reason because the Play Plus is still tiny enough for travel.

Play Plus wins this round.

Get More From A Face Cleanser And Spa-like Massage

Review of the Luna Play Plus

As I said, I have been highly skeptical of the efficacy of electronic face cleansers, but…

I officially love the Luna Play Plus and think that the hype is justified.

Every time I use it, my face is soft as shit. Like, so, so incredibly soft. It’s unreal.

My face is deeply yet gently cleaned every time and with this tool, I don’t have to worry about leftover makeup or dirt.

I have been using it night and day for exactly 1 month at this point, and I have had literally zero breakouts and no irritation.

Keep in mind, I am also using products in my skincare routine to prevent those breakouts i.e. glycolic acid. But I will say, I have been using these products for a while — well before my Luna — and they don’t entirely prevent 100% of breakouts for me.

There are many other factors to consider as well, such as whether your skin is actually clean or not, diet, genetics, stress, etc.

One thing I can be sure of is that the Luna Play Plus is, at the very least, really cleaning my skin.

What I like is that I can use it with a variety of cleansers i.e. cream/oil, foam, milk, etc.

The size is also perfect. It’s comfortable and suitable for travel. (I was surprised to find this is the larger of the two models, as I thought it was supposed to be a travel-size version and assumed there was an even larger model.)

From one skeptic to you guys, I hope I have maybe opened your mind to trying the Luna Play Plus. Such a deep clean makes all the difference.

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Thanks for reading ❤

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9 thoughts on “Review: FOREO Luna Play Plus

  1. I can attest to your review. I own one of these and it’s really, genuinely helped the texture of the skin on my face. It’s a miracle worker. They’re bloody expensive, but I love mine. I actually have a post in my drafts folder with a review of it that I just never posted. lol

    That being said – they’re well worth the investment, if anyone else reads this, the review is spot on! ( No pun intended)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really really want to buy this but I simply cant justify the price.

    So have added it to my wish list and hoping to get it one day.

    I like the bigger one rather than the small.

    Great post though, very informative.



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