Beginner’s Guide to The Ordinary’s Vitamin C Products

My skin type: Mostly normal to dry (eczema flare-ups); prone to acne.

Do keep in mind that I am not a scientist, doctor, or skincare expert. I just love talking about skincare!

I’ve spoken to many people who avoid using The Ordinary’s Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) range because they essentially find the titles of the products too intimidating or confusing.

The Ordinary is a no-nonsense brand, as you can tell by their minimalist packaging as well as their titling. Their skincare products are titled after the most essential aspect in that particular product.

That means that not all of their Vitamin C products actually say “Vitamin C” (or ascorbic acid) in the title.

I think it’s really a huge loss to skip out on The Ordinary’s range of Vitamin C because they are so affordable and effective.

Further, these serums last forever. A 30 mL bottle tends to last me at least 3-4 months despite every day use.

So, for those of you who are interested in Vitamin C or want brighter skin, and wish to save yourselves from $50-$110+ serums, keep reading.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, is a vitamin often used in skincare for brightening, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and building collagen. It also is great to pair with sunscreen to help fight UV rays. Keep in mind that the effects of Vitamin C on skin are still being researched.

If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely be cautious and use a less potent form first. Always do a patch test!

If you’re using Vitamin C in the mornings, please make sure to wear sunscreen!

Choosing your Vitamin C

The Ordinary’s website goes over their products and recommendations in great detail. Choosing any product for your face should be done with care; this means doing some fairly thorough research.

I would suggest these guides as they helped me decide which products to try:

As someone who never used vitamin C on their face before, this is route I took:

1.Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin FLight Serum (feels like oil)Derivative of Vitamin CContains oilUsed for 5-6 months$17. 80 CAD
2.Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% Light Serum (feels like oil)Direct form of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)Oil-freeUsed for 3-4 months$10.00 CAD
3.Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%Heavy Serum (feels like lotion)Direct form of Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid)Oil-freeCurrently using$5.80 CAD

All cruelty-free, vegan, water-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free.

Begin with: Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F

The Ordinary is really what got me believing in “skin care”, specifically thanks to their Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F.

I began with this Vitamin C derivative as it’s a little less intense than using a direct form of Vitamin C. I had no idea how my skin would take to Vitamin C, so this seemed like the safest option.

If you have oily skin, do keep in mind that this is not an oil-free product.

When I say this product completely changed my skin and made me realize that skin care isn’t all a gimmick…

I mean it changed my skin and

well, you get it.

Bright. Completely infused with life. That’s what happened to my very dull, drab, exhausted complexion.

Love this stuff. Love it. Out of every one I’ve used so far, I will repurchase this one.

Ease into: Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

Once I finished using my Vitamin C derivative over the course of about 2-3 months, I began using this formulation of direct Vitamin C.

To me, this feels like a fairly tame direct form of Vitamin C. Clearly, my skin has no problem handling it.

It maintained the brightness that the Vitamin F formulation gave me, but I like the feeling of the Vitamin F formulation better on my dry skin.

Level up: Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

I have leveled up and am currently using the most potent form of The Ordinary’s Vitamin C range, Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%.

This one looks and feels like a lotion.

It also STINGS upon application for about 30 seconds. You can mix it with a moisturizer if you want an easier application.

I’ve only been using it for about a week.

I expect great things!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have your own recommendations? Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions!

You can buy The Ordinary at Socialite Beauty (use my referral code for 15% off!), Sephora and

Thanks for reading ❤

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5 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to The Ordinary’s Vitamin C Products

  1. I think we probably have a similar skin type as I always suffer with dry patches! I am probably lacking in vitamin C but have never considered supplements for my skin before. This was really well written and informative, thank you! 😊


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