Review: First Aid Beauty Fablantis Set

Yet another awesome set from Sephora! I’ve talked about the newest Sol de Janeiro set, but this time it’s from one of the most dependable skincare brands: First Aid Beauty.

First Aid Beauty’s “Fablantis” Set is valued at $146 CAD and includes:

  • Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Therapy (FULL SIZE / 14 mL)
    • Read my review of this lip balm here. This is my favorite lip balm ever!! I hate lip balms as a rule at this point because I find so many of them useless gimmicks.
  • Ultra Repair Intensive Cream (FULL SIZE / 170 g / 6 oz)
    • I’m glad to finally have a full-size container of this cream because it’s so good at calming down eczema flare-ups and itchy skin. It’s also safe to use on your face.
  • Pure Skin Face Cleanser (56.7 g / 2 oz)
    • One of my favorite cream cleansers. It’s so softening and creamy, but very effective at deep cleaning.
  • Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum (30 mL / 1 oz)

The set is available for a total of $64 CAD.

The monetary savings are great here. To give you some idea, the [50 mL] serum is $50 on its own, and the cream is $40.

Besides that, the quality offered in this set is excellent.

I really recommend the set for those with normal-dry skin and/or eczema like myself. If you’re able, it would make a generous gift.

I haven’t tried the radiance pads or hydrating serum, but I will test and review them.

Thanks for reading ❤

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3 thoughts on “Review: First Aid Beauty Fablantis Set

  1. This set looks fantastic. I am really tempted to try the products, even though I did not have a really good time with the one products from the brand that I did try. I could not get behind the fragrance.

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