California Road-Trip: Part 1

I got back from California almost 2 weeks ago and yet I’m still in vacation mode; it’s been so difficult to be productive, and by that I mean write and blog. Unfortunately I’ve jumped straight back into working as soon as I got back. I just want to play, drive, explore, eat, sleep, etc.

My boyfriend and I completed the most amazing 12-day California road-trip that started in San Francisco and ended in LA. Old and new places were visited, many In-n-Out burgers were consumed, my appreciation for beaches has been renewed, etc.

Start: San Francisco

We started off in my all-time favorite Californian city.

Heaven’s gates.

San Francisco was mostly spent preparing for the road ahead. It was nice to visit the pier again where I got super cold and resorted to buying a SF sweater from one of the many touristy shops. Downtown San Fran is also such a great place to go shopping.

First Stop: The Gem that is Monterey

Monterey quickly became one of my favorite places ever. It’s so blue and pretty everywhere!

Cannery Row

It was also a major source of inspiration for writer John Steinbeck, so tributes to him are all over the place.

Steinbeck Plaza at Cannery Row

We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and finished the night with dinner in the most whimsical restaurant: Forge in the Forest. The food was delicious, so I’d highly recommend a visit! I have photos of the food on my Instagram.

Posted from my Instagram
Cannery Row, Monterey
View from the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Cannery Row, Monterey

I will post the following portions of the trip in future posts!

Have you ever visited these spots? What are your preferred destinations inside California?

Thanks for reading ❤

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