My Favorite Chanel Fragrances

I am a bit of a fragrance addict and Chanel is one of my favorite fragrance brands.

I was introduced to Chanel when I was really young and was buying my mom a Mother’s Day gift. I chose Chance Eau Vive for her because it was the most gentle and pleasant Chanel scent to my 14 year old nose (now I really am not a fan of that one).

Now over a decade later, I am still attracted to and intrigued by Chanel’s scents. As varied as they are, they all have that signature, powdery Chanel touch that makes it clear which House they belong to.

Over the past few years, I have built up a collection and want to go over my favorites, so here they are in no particular order:

Coco Noir (EDP)

For those who like: gourmands or warm/spicy scents

Patchouli is a fundamental note in this scent and it comes through beautifully without any sharpness. There a light hint of rose, again, without being overpowering or sharp. The overall result is a warm, well-rounded and elegant night time scent. It’s Chanel’s more clearly sexy option.

Coco Mademoiselle (EDP)

For those who like: Citrus, fresh scents

I normally don’t care for citrus scents as much as I do gourmands and warmer scents, but this is an exception. It’s actually one of the most lovely scents I’ve ever smelled. I love the grapefruit with the signature warmth of Chanel.

No. 19 Poudre (EDP)

For those who like: Unique scents, florals, warmer scents

I love this scent but I don’t wear it myself; it’s my mom’s perfume to me so I really cannot touch it (I don’t like how it sits on me any way). It’s just one of the most amazing powdery Chanel scents out there. It’s very unique and soft.

Looking at the notes, I don’t necessarily feel intrigued; I’m not a fan of jasmine or neroli, and vetiver is very risky to me.

HOWEVER, in this composition, Chanel has created a gorgeous, inviting scent. The white flowers are clear, as are the vetiver and musk, and yet they don’t smell like a weird, damp meadow in a forest (sorry if that’s your thing).

It’s really an example of how to create a powdery, white floral, woody scent without messing it up and disgruntling the nose.

Chanel les Exclusifs 1932 (EDP)

For those who like: Warm, powdery, florals, aldehydes

This is one of those scents that immediately grabbed my attention and I knew I had to have it.

At first, I smell the soft powder and floral hints. After a while, it takes on this rich, warm mix of florals like rose and jasmine, along with vanilla and a woody base. It’s basically a classic Chanel perfume, with all the classic Chanel notes…but with a modern twist. I’d recommend this to those who are fans of warmer, powdery fragrances; even if you are not a fan of florals, I encourage you to check this out.

Paris-Venis — Les Eaux de Chanel (EDT)

If you like: Fresh/summer scents, gourmands, vanilla scents

This is the only one out of my list that I don’t currently have yet as it’s quite new.

I’m a gourmand — specifically, vanilla — lover, and in my experience it’s tough to find a perfume that has the warmth and sweetness of a gourmand/vanilla scent but is also summery.

Chanel has obviously cracked that code. This is THE summer scent for vanilla lovers.

On first spray, it’s bright and fresh, but it settles down to a lovely vanilla and yet still smells like a bright sunny day.

Do you have any favorite Chanel fragrances? Let me know!

Thanks for reading ❤

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