I Won an Instagram Contest!

Wow, did Hell freeze over? I actually won things?! And things from my favorite skincare brand?????

I was lucky enough to win TheFacialRoom‘s amazing monthly Eminence bundle on Instagram!!

You can win by tagging them in photos and leaving reviews on their site. The prize pack is valued at roughly $300 and I got to pick my complete Eminence skincare routine. TheFacialRoom were even nice enough to throw in some extra goodies.

That isn’t even all the chocolate.

Here are the Eminence Organics products I won:

Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer and — frankly, the best part — the best milk chocolate ever.

All in all, an incredible prize and I’m really grateful. Eminence has been kind of a magical brand to me ever since I tried a sample years ago. Winning basically a complete routine is really exciting. I’m only sorry this post took so long to be made and posted!!

Thanks to TheFacialRoom for such a generous prize! Check them out on Instagram.

Thanks for reading ❤

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