Review: Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

“Ceramic Slip” reminds me of those silky tanks and slips that just glide onto your body. Of course, that and the beautiful, sleek bottle were half the appeal. The other half is just the potential of finding a holy grail cleanser, which is really the fun part!

Skin type: Normal with dry spots; prone to acne.

Cleanser type: Cream | $46 CAD for 150ml at Sephora


Paraben, sulfate, silicone and alcohol-free.

Uses French Green Clay, rice oil, and olive oil to cleanse and smooth the skin.

An overall short ingredients list. Full list here.


Initially I bought a mini pack, the Flash Fix Kit, which includes the mini cleanser and mini bottle of Good Genes, Sunday Riley’s famous lactic acid treatment.

I ended up purchasing a full size bottle of the Ceramic Slip Cleanser because I loved it that much.

This cream cleanser is gentle enough for your bare face and tough enough to remove light makeup. It’s actually a vary versatile cleanser that I find I can use in multiple ways. It can even be used as a rinse-off mask.

It is so damn softening, it’s incredible. It’s also reduced the amount of breakouts I get overall. I love it on my skin, and as someone who finds that most cleansers dry her skin out, that’s saying a lot.

It is certainly pricey, but this is one of the only cleansers I’ve tried so far that

  • immediately softens my skin
  • doesn’t dry my skin
  • gives my skin an immediate glow-up

If it works, it works. I find it to be a worthy investment. I haven’t used a cleanser like this before.

I know that the reviews on Sephora are quite split, and thus the product has a low rating. Keep in mind, the majority of the bad reviews are from literal years ago, and there is constantly a fight between people who want the old formula back, and people who want a better/new formula.

I am perfectly satisfied and extremely impressed with the current formula

How to Use

  • Apply it to your dry face to grab dirt and oils better, and then rinse off
  • Use water to work it into a lather

I use the Ceramic Slip every morning and night. If I’m wearing makeup, I either begin with Ceramic Slip as a first step, or finish off with it as a second step. It really is up to you, but I find it’s extremely versatile.

Have you tried Ceramic Slip? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading ❤

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