Review: Pinrose Secret Genius Perfume Eau de Parfum

Welcome to Fragrance Friday! Every Friday, I aim to review a fragrance/scent. I’m an addict and have a lot to go through here. The first one is Pinrose’s delicate, vanilla scent, “Secret Genius.”

Scent type: Gourmand | Key notes: Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood | Longevity: 2/5

$82 CAD (50ml) at Sephora

The bottle for Pinrose’s Secret Genius is itself a good representation of what’s inside: a very simple, minimalist perfume that is secretly genius because it gives you everything you want from a vanilla scent without the generic, sickly-sweet frills and over-the-top additions.

This is one of my favorite gourmands. Not only does it smell delicious thanks to the top note of caramel and the vanilla base, but it is all evened out and neutralized by sandalwood. Altogether, it forms a mature scent that can be worn easily by people over the age of 18. This is not your teenage vanilla perfume.

I only wish it was stronger and lasted longer on the skin. It is definitely safe to wear to the workplace because it isn’t loud.

Is it worth buying? Yes, if you’re a vanilla fanatic like myself and want an elegant but sweet option that doesn’t have a horrendously synthetic smell to it; give Secret Genius a shot!

Thanks for reading ❤

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