Dior Hydra Life Pores Away Pink Clay Mask | Review

And now, for the priciest mask I have ever “treated” myself to…

Dior Hydra Life Pores Away Pink Clay Mask

Sephora: $89 CAD | Dior website: $69 USD

Quick Run-down

A pink clay wash-off mask for pores and oiliness

Cost: $69 USD / $89 CAD
– purifies skin
– minimizes the appearance of pores
– mattifys the skin
Yes; a nice floral scent


Full ingredient list on the Dior website.


  • Squalane (hydration)
  • Sodium hyaluronate (hydration)
  • Jojoba Esters (hydration)

Overall, the ingredients are good — great, even — and don’t worry me. The mask includes moisturizing factors like squalane and sodium hyaluronate. There is fragrance, however, so keep that in mind.

I use the Ingredient Dictionary on Paula’s Choice to double check ingredients, and encourage you to check for yourself.

Does it work?

This 3-minute Dior pink clay mask is meant for reducing the look of your pores and “purifying” your skin, or clearing it of build-up. You leave it on for only 3-minutes, and then wash-off.

I used about 2-3 times a week, for 2 weeks, and found that yes, it does pretty much what it claims to do, and fast. After rinsing it off and drying my face, my skin appears much smoother because it does look like my pores have “reduced” in size.

It’s mattifying, but not drying although I avoid putting it all over my face anyway. My oilier/big pore region tends to be my upper cheek area below my eye region, so I just apply it there. I’m not super oily, though, so I can’t speak for people who have extremely oily skin.

I find the more I use it, the nicer my skin appears.

Obviously the packaging is cute…a little ethereal and very classy. It has to be, at $90 CAD.


Yes, it “works”, and it’s gentle enough. I put “works” in quotation marks because the idea of blurring your pores or reducing their appearance is sketchy in the first place, but sure. It certainly smooths your skin out.

So, is it worth it? Here are my personal pros and cons:

– Generally good ingredient list; no reactions
– Reduces the look of pores & smooths skin
– Reduces oiliness & skin feels cleaner
– Quick treatment (3-minutes, wash off)
– Skin looks better over time with continued use
– Lasts a long time; don’t need a lot of product at once
– Cost ($69 USD / $89 CAD)
– Size (only 50ml)

When it comes down to it, you can’t actually reduce the size of your pores. This mask does a good job of blurring the look of them, though, and my skin feels great afterwards.

It is a small amount for the price, but it’s a thick product and you don’t need a lot; I expect it to last a long time as I will only be using it when I find my skin is extra oily or needs serious smoothing.

Overall, I’m happy to have it and have wanted it for a long time, but this is not a purchase I will personally be remaking any time soon because, as it is luxury skincare, it is just way too expensive and it doesn’t address my most serious skin needs (i.e. dryness, acne) for me to justify repurchasing. I do not mind splurging on excellent products that help my most crucial issues, but this isn’t exactly one of them.

Have you tried this, or any other Dior masks? Got any dupes (pls, asking for my wallet)?

Thanks for reading ❤

3 thoughts on “Dior Hydra Life Pores Away Pink Clay Mask | Review

  1. I have not brought myself to try Dior skin products at all! I don’t know if I ever will either to be perfectly honest. The only Dior thing that I have tried (and really love) are their Lip Addict lipsticks.

    Maybe one day if I’m feeling extra bougey then I will go try their skincare line out hahah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pretty much, I totally relate. That’s exactly why I splurged on this, was feelin extra bougie but I figured I wanna go all out and see if it makes a real difference in how my skin looks. It’s a great mask, but yeah way too expensive and I am sure there are dupes out there. I have yet to try their lip stuff but I LOOOVE their lash primer.


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